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James Clarkson featured on PoetsWest

Posted on: February 9th, 2014
by James Clarkson

Featured October 20th, 2013 PoetsWest radio show discussing UFOs and the Government Coverup.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube!

June Crain Story Featured in Feb/Mar 2014 Issue of Open Minds Magazine

Posted on: February 9th, 2014
by James Clarkson

The June Crain story as investigated by James Clarkson is included as a chapter in the new book Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt. We are super excited to see this chapter discussed in the newest Feb/Mar 2014 Issue of Open Minds Magazine.

Get your copy of Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson, and be sure to check out this month’s issue of OpenMinds magazine.




Three of our favorite questions from the recent Lakewood UFO program

Posted on: November 3rd, 2013
by James Clarkson

We want to share these three fabulous questions and answers from the recent UFO program at the Lakwood library!

Question: From what you’ve said, aliens are definitely out there; they’ve came to Earth; But do you think that they’re walking amongst us?

Answer: Possible, but the stories about this are hard to document. There is also the possibility of hybrids. If you study the Alien Abduction subject, you will find out about the idea that the reason for the abductions is a long-term hybrid program. The reason this ultimately becomes hard to discuss is that you have to define just what you mean by “alien.” I am assuming that it is okay if I discuss this with you freely. I try not to offend anyone’s religious convictions. There is the concept of panspermia, that life is carried from world to world by meteors, comets, etc. in a viral form, and when it finds a hospitable environment, it thrives and evolves into the variety of life forms. It is accepted fact in geology that fragments from a past cataclysm on Mars have struck the Earth. In other words, Life may not have started here; it may be impossible le to ever determine where Life emerged in the Universe.

Here is one article of many:

We may be Martians! If you have watched “Ancient Aliens” then you have heard of the idea that the myths and legends from ancient cultures may be their attempts to record their contacts with technologically advanced beings from other worlds who came to Earth long ago.

Question: What do you think is actually at Area 51? Present and Past.

Answer: Area 51 – This is clearly a high security top secret facility where the US spy planes were developed and tested. Somewhere around 2/3 of Nevada is owned by the US Government and is used for testing anything and everything they have that is classified. The Bob Lazar story is probably the most interesting Area 51 story. It is easy to dismiss him as a fraud except that once again a lie was told when an investigative reporter, George Knapp, tried to verify whether or not he had been employed. The public statement was that he never worked there, but they were able to get an internal company directory for one of the main contractors at Area 51 and Bob Lazar was listed in the directory. Like most of these investigations, it is never simple.

Question: Lastly, what would you suggest that a person could do to get started in Ufology? Programs, reads, events?

Answer: I think you should keep doing what you are doing – reading, listening, and asking questions. I try to be a balanced skeptic. Know when you are speculating (forming theories based upon unsupported ideas) and when you are in the area of apparent facts (eyewitness testimony, documents, photographs, and ideally, something that has been tested or witnessed by several unrelated credible people). One of my favorite prosecutors would always tell the jury in his final instructions, “Don’t leave your common sense at the door.” One of the best things you can learn is to evaluate what you read, see and hear. Try to understand why something is believable or not believable. Take what parts make sense and see where that information may lead you.

I started my interest in UFOs when I was about 12 years old because of a radio interview where a man named John G. Fuller was talking about his book (new in 1967) called Incident at Exeter about a series of UFO events in Exeter New Hampshire. (He also wrote The Interrupted Journey about Betty and Barney Hill; this is an excellent book.)

A really good general work on UFOs might help your study. The Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs does an excellent job of covering the major events in UFO history and what it may all mean. Studying UFOs had kept me curious about astronomy, technology, quantum physics, ancient history, and many more subjects. It is a fascinating Universe and there is always more to understand. And I keep hoping that some major event will occur where the question of Are We Alone has been resolved once and for all.

Excellent Turnout for UFOs of the Northwest program in Lakewood

Posted on: October 29th, 2013
by James Clarkson

James Clarkson had an excellent turnout at tonight’s UFOs of the Northwest event at the Lakewood library. Over 40+ people were in attendance as James discussed important UFO cases in and around the Pacific Northwest.

James presented a wonderful digital portfolio full of detailed maps, photos. diagrams, and eye-witness drawings to aid in the telling of these historical cases. James covered many great cases in the area, covering parts of Alaska all the way to Castle Rock, Washington, in addition to many other cases that tie in with the region from other areas of the United States.

As told from the prospective of a heavy investigative background, James highlighted the importance of distinguishing creditable witnesses of reliable sources, and not “tinfoil hat” fanatics. James also discussed many of the frustrations modern Ufologists face, including the International Space station, meteors, and Chinese lanterns. James emphasized the importance of facts and credibility in the reporting and documenting of UFO events.

Also including his own experience, James described in detail sighting of a flying craft that cannot be readily explained. James, having seen lights along the leading edges of a flying object in the night sky near Prosser, Washington, described an object with a strange transparent nature and an arrowhead shape, that darted across the night sky at a high rate of speed. Through thorough investigation, James was able to link this experience with similar reports of the same in the direct area.

Is the cover up real?

This is the question that James leaves his listeners with. After presenting the details and facts for many compelling cases, James discussed other important resources and books on the topics, including one of the top books on the Roswell Crash: The Roswell Legacy by Jesse Marcel. As with all of these great examples, demonstrated time and again, James concluded that ultimately the best evidence is drowned by denial.

The bottom line:
Don’t believe anything until it is officially denied.



CIA Admitted Area 51 Exists

Posted on: August 20th, 2013
by James Clarkson

This a great time of government revelation: the CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists. Could it be that with the NSA taking heavy fire in the public relations area right now, the Men in Black agencies want us all to think of them as kinder, gentler, and more truth-telling?
Oh please. Admitting the existence of something that everyone in the world knew about a long time ago, more especially all of our Cold War enemies. What are they smoking at CIA Headquarters? This is supposed to impress anyone, why?
It was just over a year ago that Annie Jacobsen got the suspiciously royal treatment by the media when she exposed the alleged inner workings of Area 51. She related in her book AREA 51 what are probably true stories by the people who worked there and in return for being privy to these fascinating and previously unavailable accounts of work at the officially non-existent top secret facility, she had to agree to include one of the most ridiculous Roswell explanations I have ever heard next to the Weather Balloon with Falling Dummies gag that the Air Force thinks we are dumb enough to swallow.
I do find the history of how the spy planes were built at Area 51 to be a fascinating story of overcoming adverse conditions and pure beautiful American technical knowhow. But I am not confusing this with our government’s backward policy on UFOs. The latest revelation is just the feint leading to another act of misdirection.
In 2012 the way that Annie Jacobsen’s book was promoted by the corporate news media as the unquestionably true revelations about Area 51 made me want to gag. The story of the Joe Stalin saucer filled with mutilated children was so lame it wouldn’t have even passed as a bad sci-fi movie script. I am even more nauseated now by the array of articles about this so-called major admission by the CIA.
Hello, does anyone remember what a spy plane is or does? If it works at all, it flies very high and very fast so that NO ONE can see it. Did I miss anything in the description? So how could a spy plane which if it was seen at all, have accounted for “half of the UFO reports of the 1950s and the 1960s?”  If you have studied any of the major cases, and there are many well documented ones, it would be obvious that what would be an odd streak of light in the distance at high altitude, maybe a spy plane, couldn’t possibly account for ANY of the High Strangeness Close Encounter Cases we know so well. Think of Lonnie Zamorra in Socorro, NM, or Betty and Barney Hill to name two from a long list.
The moral of the CIA / Area 51 story is that when the Alphabet Soup agencies yell “Fetch,” their trained dogs in the corporate media can’t get on their hind legs and beg for another treat fast enough. The CIA story about Area 51 really should be greeted with “Nothing to see here.” They are still lying to the American people because disinformation is what they do best.
James E Clarkson

In Response to “60 Years of Disclosure Mythology”

Posted on: August 11th, 2013
by James Clarkson

This is in Response to “60 Years of Disclosure Mythology” by Thomas Scolarici posted Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Following the lead in this article from Mr. Scolarici that everything about UFOs is purely imaginary, I would like to help further his argument by starting off with statements of the leading UFO Con Men. They have perpetuated the Myth of UFOs, Secrecy and Cover-Up.

For starters, I present two of the leading UFO Con Men: General Nathan Twining, Head of the Air Force Air Materiel Command, who stated in a secret memorandum about UFOs in 1947, “The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” This quote is not out of context either; it is from a since declassified  secret letter that describes that provides general descriptions of the craft being contacted by pilots as apparently metallic and capable of speed and performance flight unmatched by our best military technology.

This UFO hoaxer went on to become a 4-star Chief of Staff for the USAF.

William Blanchard was another UFO hoaxer, probably one of the worst since his July 1947 press release from Roswell that Roswell Army Air Field had captured a “flying disc” triggered the creation of the Roswell Myth. After issuing this obviously fake press release and generating a firestorm of world media attention, his career should have been over. Instead, he died from a heart attack at his desk in the Pentagon in 1966, a 4-star general and Vice Chief of Staff of the USAF. Interesting that creating the Roswell Myth didn’t seem to adversely affect his career.

But it is not truly my intent to be facetious. I am instead illustrating that the case for “rational Ufology” is really a case of the Emperor having no clothes. Are there quacks, charlatans, and zealots in the field of Ufology? Of course, but there are also highly educated, highly skilled professionals who have devoted many years of their lives to this mystery that just won’t go away. There are also people who have paid bitterly for telling the truth and refusing to follow the government-media party line on UFOs.

This particular article, 60 Years of Disclosure Mythology is misleading on so many levels I couldn’t just let it pass.

I recall reading at length over the years about UFO sightings and various types of encounters. The idea that Disclosure (With a Capital “D”) would one day occur is a relatively recent idea. Personally, I don’t think the government is any more likely to tell the truth about the reality of contact with Non-Human Intelligence, than it is likely to admit the extent to which every democratic institution has been corrupted by money and corporate influence.

UFO events represent not only mysterious phenomena worthy of serious study by themselves, but our response as a society to these encounters speaks volumes about how we face a universe that reveals itself to be ever more mysterious, vast and complex. There are many who can’t face the unknown impact of Contact with Non-Human Intelligences. There are also vested interests that will do anything to keep the average individual from thinking differently about how we divide each other by nations, religions, races, and all the other ways we justify our barbarism.

The focus of UFO research has always been trying to understand those UFO cases that are not best explained as natural or man-made phenomena. The idea of Disclosure evolved from the idea, we need to know what has been seen by sober, sane and serious witnesses, both professional and common in our skies. Our Need to Know has been the real cornerstone of Ufology. The movement for Disclosure is the political result of our realization that UFO history is too broad and too deep, and too important to deny. I support the Disclosure movement because I want to be an annoyance to those who may well be your employers. They certainly benefit from your “UFOs are myths” perspective.

UFO history is the elephant in the room our society chooses to ignore. This is the history that your article“60 Years of Disclosure Mythology” wants us to ignore. This article is like a bad magic act by a madman who throws a small bed sheet over a live elephant and then tells us, “See, I made the elephant disappear.” Nothing to see here; move along.

In reference to Donald Keyhoe predicting Congressional Hearings on UFOs, they did, in fact occur: There were Congressional Hearings in front of the House Armed Services Committee in 1966, and they were reconvened in front of the House Science and Aeronautics Committee in 1968. The problem is that nothing came of these hearings because the intelligence community wanted the effort to fail.

The latter event took place during the final stages of the Condon Committee “investigation” of UFOs. It is accepted history that Edward Condon was a shill. There was no possibility that he would express any opinion other than that of his masters. He admitted that he had made up his mind before the Committee ever met.

Condon was a hired gun in an alleged investigation that was about as likely to be objective as the Inquisition would be expected to practice religious tolerance. Condon would be your buddy; he draws conclusions by reveling in his prejudices. Your ideas are like a light post to a drunk; you need the support more than the illumination.

By the way let us not forget the Robertson panel from 1952. Even their existence was originally secret. Two of their key recommendations were that civilian UFO groups should be “monitored” and that everything should be done to dissuade the public from any interest in UFOs. How is this not evidence of secrecy and a cover-up?

Referring to your quote from Keyhoe, I would bet he is quoted out of context. Let us not forget that the National Enquirer as we know it today was founded by Generoso Pope Jr. whose resume included working for the CIA Psychological Warfare Unit. Did you get the quote from the Enquirer through research, or was it an inter-office memo?

And by the way, Dr. Hynek started as a USAF shill hired to place a scientific facade on official debunking efforts (Project Grudge, etc.) He was a real scientist and he thought it was wrong to pre-suppose the outcome of your research. In the end he realized the evidence was just too compelling. He is the last person a Black Budget Agency shill should invoke.

No one has proven that ALL of the MJ-12 documents were faked. Faulty logic based upon over-generalization once again. What you don’t like about the MJ-12 documents is what would happen if ONE of those documents was ever proven true. And that, of course, has been Stanton Friedman’s argument all along, which is why you have to trash him as well.

Aside from the fact that entire Roswell event does not rest upon the account by Glenn Dennis, even this attack involves misrepresentation of the facts. I spent time with Glenn Dennis in 2000 and he told me he was sorry that he made up a name after he was hounded. He is an elderly man in a nursing home who can’t defend himself, but then again, I am sure you know that, so I will.

The only part of Glenn Dennis’ story that is known to be a lie is the fact that he gave early UFO researchers a fake name for his friend, the Nurse, whose identity he had sworn never to divulge. Interesting, a good man keeps a promise to a friend and this makes everything he told us a fraud. But your argument really rests on whitewash; if the audience starts looking at the details, any of the details, it’s game over.

I would love to have you debate Don Schmitt or Tom Carey on Roswell. You wouldn’t last one minute. We see Roswell as an investigation of many years involving hundreds of witnesses, many of whom only know a small part of the story. But then, I think you and your masters probably know the truth about Roswell better than we do.

Referring to your criticism of Phillip Corso, this is one of the only statements you made where we are in agreement. I don’t trust Corso’s assertions either. Where we are in complete opposition is your unstated argument that “The Day After Roswell” is representative of the best UFO research. It is neither the best nor is it a primary work in the field.

Your implicit argument is that “The Day After Roswell” was the only major UFO book ever written. This will be a terrible shock to Richard Dolan and Leslie Kean, and quite a few other serious, dedicated researchers. I will bet that you probably claim that there was something intellectually honest about AREA 51 by Annie Jacobsen.

When it comes to the extensive contact with UFOs at US nuclear weapons storehouse in Britain, known as Rendlehsam Woods.  Again, there is the same faulty logic: If one witness has made questionable claims, the entire testimony of all the witnesses must be null and void. The Rendlesham Forest UFO Encounters are highly researched and documented. This is Britain’s Roswell, only better because they key witnesses are still available.

And Phillip Klass; don’t get me started on Special Agent Klass. I had direct personal experience with Phillip Klass’ willingness to lie without a moment’s hesitation. He blatantly lied to me when I was working security at the 1995 MUFON Symposium and I ejected him for taping the proceedings without permission after it was plainly posted.

And the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) – Anyone who has spent more than 2 minutes inquiring about NIDS knows it is owned and operated by Robert Bigelow, a billionaire enigma in his own right, whose true allegiances are most probably with the Black Budget world. See John Alexander’s history for details. NIDS was never a “UFO proponent organization.” There are numerous UFO researchers inside and outside of MUFON that have zero trust for Bigelow’s pet project, NIDS.

As to the final conclusion of this article that there will be no disclosure because there was no cover-up. Are you for real? I have an “embarrassment of riches” when it comes to evidence to refute your claim. There are so many names involved. More importantly, there are so many real people who have assessed the UFO question and others who have suffered because of the secrecy that you claim doesn’t exist. They could be sworn as witnesses in any court. Many of them would qualify as expert witnesses in their fields.

I will tell you the real myth. Perhaps in the beginning there was some arguable military justification for secrecy and cover-up about UFOs, but that time is long past. The myth is that we, the people, should not be told what happened at Roswell, Rendlesham Woods, and too many other places to list. The myth is that somehow this is being done for our good because the Black Budget funded Secret-Keepers know best.

Admittedly, there are hoaxers and con men in the field of Ufology. I always find it interesting that the existence of fraud in the UFO field is cause to debunk the entire history of UFOs. I don’t recall anyone getting on TV and stating that God doesn’t exist because there are religious crazies and soul-saving swindlers.

But there are two kinds of fraud being perpetrated on those of us who seriously consider the Mystery of UFOs: The first group is obvious – those who create stories to profit from lectures and book sales. I submit the second group is harder to spot and like a camouflaged viper, much more dangerous – these are the debunkers and professional skeptics who claim they are promoting scientific integrity when they secretly serve other masters with much darker agendas.

The most appropriate response to your doctrine of “rational Ufology” is the adage from Ben Franklin – Half the truth is often a great lie.

And that is giving you the benefit of the doubt. It does appear that your writing is yet another very strange thing my tax dollars have helped to purchase.

Here is one more UFO hoaxster for your collection of military professionals, pilots, law enforcement officers, and many other people from all walks of life who have been touched by the UFO Mystery in one way or another.

“Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe that unknown flying objects are nonsense.”

Roscoe Hillenkoetter
Former CIA Director in a public statement, 1960.

James E. Clarkson

Case # 49005 – Investigated by Ed Moran

Posted on: August 10th, 2013
by James Clarkson

This is one of the most significant reports we have had in a long time. This is a report of a landing in urban area near 1-5, and was investigated by another MUFON investigator. What is significant about this case is whiteness saw a defending red orb, and when they got close to it they could see that it was an actual physical object. It was reported to move silently.


On 7/15/13 at 10pm PDT, in Bellingham, WA at the intersection of I-5 and Sunset Dr., two witnesses, in a car traveling westbound, observed a glowing red rectangular object toward the south, traveling northward. They turned into a nearby parking lot to observe the object more closely, with one witness retrieving a pair of binoculars from the car’s trunk. The object slowed and turned eastbound, fading from glowing red to medium gray while dropping on altitude to roughly 100 feet. The witnesses lost sight of the object as it traveled behind the trees lining the local street.

49005_report_file3__49005sightingpaths.1The object was large, palm-width at arm’s length, traveling very low (less than 200′), and closely observed with a pair of binoculars. The object was silent with no signs of visual distortion. The object had numerous surface undulations and tumbled slowly about its center axis (roll).

The following day, on 7/16, witness 2 visited a nearby field in the object’s path of travel thinking the craft may have landed there and took several photographs of the area. The possible landing site showed no evidence of any disturbance.





The object was a roughly rectangular cube, “like a large SUV but not as long (witness 1)”, a palm-width wide at arm’s length. When first observed, it was a uniform glowing red in color with no discernible surface features. The witnesses entered a nearby parking lot and, upon exiting the car, saw the object change from a glowing red to a dull gray-black, the glow dissipating from the top downward. Witness 2, with binoculars, described an irregular surface, “like the underside of a car”, with various random 2”-6” surface relief features.

The rate of travel was relatively slow, less than 20mph, with a sense of precision and control. The object executed a smooth turn while dropping in altitude, navigating close to a series of 6-wire high tension lines along James St.

2013 MUFON Symposium

Posted on: June 23rd, 2013
by James Clarkson

James will be part of this year’s MUFON Symposium field investigator training: giving the final presentation of the day for Field Investigator training on July 18th. Training is from 7am to 5pm. You are required to be a MUFON Field Investigator to attend this specialized Field training which is taking place the day before the symposium opens. James will be discuss the principles of investigation. It is not enough to have technical skills, you need to have the right mindset: to know why you are investigating, and how to retain your objectivity.  For more information on Field Investigator Training, and to register, click here.

We highly recommend attending this year’s conference! This is an important opportunity to interact with others in the UFO community. You can hear from some of the leaders in the field of Ufology, and the location is gorgeous: J W Marriott in Las Vegas.

Check out the official conference site for more details and registration.


The June Crain Story

Posted on: April 26th, 2013
by James Clarkson


June Crain, the Air Force & UFO’s

Available in Kindle from Amazon $4.99


What if you spent a career as a police sergeant interviewing crime victims, collecting evidence from crime scenes, auto wrecks, and autopsies, and then you met a respected no-nonsense woman who could prove she worked in secret laboratories at Wright-Patterson AFB and she told you about UFO Crashes, Alien Bodies, and how the Cover-Up works?

This is the June Crain Story, told in her own words, placed into the context of the history of the UFO Phenomena since World War II. This is a strong indictment of the last official word from the Air Force on Roswell. Tell My Story explains why Roswell and UFO’s in general are anything but Case Closed.

James Clarkson lives with his wife Joanne in Olympia, Washington USA. He is a retired police sergeant with 20 years of criminal justice training and experience. Previously he served as an investigator with the Army military police. Upon retiring he became a child abuse detective and now works as a State investigator. He has a lifelong interest in the study of UFO’s and he joined the Mutual UFO Network in 1986. He is now the Washington State Director for MUFON. He has lectured extensively on radio and before audiences in across the USA and in Paris. He met June Crain in 1993 while lecturing in Ocean Shores, WA.

The softcover book is also available by sending $15.00 US to James Clarkson for the book and shipping my US mail anywhere in the USA.