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Why I am Angry and Sad on the Roswell Anniversary


This is my rant to honor the anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash.

I do not agree that Mr. Maussan should be given the status of a venerable UFO Superstar by any organization unless the full financial statements related to the BeWitness event are made public.

Here is what I genuinely despise about the entire Roswell Slide Fiasco: It detracts from the respectability of an extremely important UFO investigation, probably the mother lode UFO event in the USA. I have asked myself, what would my friend June Crain have said if she was still alive and I told her about Jaime Maussan’s BeWitness money-making circus event? I can picture June looking me straight in the eye over a late night cup of coffee and saying, “You tell that phoney to go to hell.” Then I think about Walter Haut and Glenn Dennis, both of whom I met and who both told me their stories. I think about all of the many other witnesses who divulged what they knew about the famous UFO crash, the recovery, and the cover-up. I think about the respect I feel for those now silent witnesses to the Big Ugly Secret that our government holds on to about Roswell.

Another aspect of this travesty that fuels my anger is history. I know some of the investigators who worked on the Jonathan Reed “Killed the Alien and rolled him up in a rug just like a burrito” case. This case was also promoted by Mr. Maussan in Mexico City as complete proof of ET Contact on February 16, 2004. (See if you want the full history. Reed was simply a Pacific NW hoaxer.)

I mentioned my theory about the sequence of events that culminated in BeWitness on May 5th to a friend of mine who is a very insightful UFO researcher and he said if you hold what you know to be true inside because you are afraid of offending someone, you are like a Mafia wife.

This resonated with me. One of the most tragic things I witnessed as a child abuse detective was how often there would be a female parent who would be living in denial when at some level they really knew that the children were being abused by their significant other because he was the bread winner or because they had been raised to be subservient. A very dark analogy indeed, but I honestly wonder if I have been just too accommodating by not speaking my mind.

I think about the excellent work that has been done over the years by Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, and I admit I am confused except that I know that good people fall prey to con artists every day. I know, for the 20 years that I carried a badge, I arrested as many of them as I could build cases on. That effort is pretty much like trying to use a small bucket to drain water from the ocean. But you do what you have to do; it is about as futile as arguing against Ufology being ruled by whatever brings the public in to buy tickets.

I am not speaking for MUFON. Obviously I do not agree that Mr. Maussan should be invited to perpetuate this travesty by MUFON or anyone else. This is my opinion alone as a retired cop with over 30 years’ experience as an investigator and a UFO researcher who sincerely believes that the truth about the UFO Mystery will forever change how mankind understands our place in the Universe. But we have a long way to go.

The Roswell Slidegate was a very painful step backwards. No matter how I examine it, this event looks like a con job and to me the sequence of events was designed to generate the largest possible number of people who would be willing to part with their money (myself included as a video streamer). We don’t have the financial figures, and I don’t believe we ever shall – Adam Dew’s legal counsel has no doubt advised him to remain silent and Mr. Maussan is very experienced at what he does.

I have been told that he is a very nice man who never claims to be an investigator; he just promotes UFOs to the public. The problem is that the “CON” in Con Man is short for Confidence Man. Every Con Man I ever met was really nice to your face. And if there are problems and things don’t work out the way they were promised, it’s just an honest mistake. I still want to know: Qui Bono?

I just don’t see the Emperor’s New Clothes and I fear we are still feeding the mouth that bites us.

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Thank you for your integrity and for your work. There are so many charlatans in this field, and you are a striking contrast to them. I wish you had explained who Mr. Manus san is and what his has done to earn your disapproval. I will have to look him up. I will continue to drop in. Thank you again, sir.
Bill Youmans (no ‘s’ in email address)

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