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GLENN DENNIS – A Key Roswell Witness Died on Tuesday April 28, 2015


Time runs too fast and then it runs out. Suddenly I am here thinking about a man I had the honor of meeting in September of 2000 when my wife and I visited the International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. One lengthy conversation with him over coffee changed my perspective on UFOs permanently. I knew enough of the Roswell events of 1947 that I was a bit star-struck when I met Glenn Dennis. Anyone who has studied the Roswell UFO Crash Retrieval Event of 1947 knows about Glenn: then a young man working at the Ballard Funeral Home and how he answered a phone call from the nearby Walker Army Air Field in July of 1947.

The military wanted to know how many “child-sized coffins” the funeral home had in stock. In another call they inquired how to preserve a body found in the desert so that its chemical composition would not be changed. Later on that eventful day Glenn transported an injured soldier back to the base and ended up in the middle of a hectic by military personnel to collect the bodies and the wreckage and impose tight security over an unprecedented event.

Walking through the base hospital as he had done routinely before, he was confronted by a friend, the famous Nurse, who came out of a room at the air base where the body of one of an alien was being autopsied. She told him to leave right away but not before he was confronted by a belligerent officer who threatened his life if he kept talking about the military investigating a “crash.” A day or so later, the Nurse described her ordeal in detail ton include a detailed physical description of an alien humanoid. These are the key elements of Glenn Dennis involvement in the Roswell UFO Crash Retrieval Event of July 1947.

I had a purpose in visiting the UFO Museum beyond just being a first-time tourist. I had prepared a fully formatted transcript of my primary interview with June Crain and I was donating it to the Research Library of the Museum. It was my way of saying thanks to the Museum and to Glenn Dennis and others for making “Roswell” into a household word, synonymous with a crashed UFO, recovered alien technology, and an ongoing cover-up by Uncle Sam. As I will explain the prominence of Roswell in the field of UFO history is one of the reasons June decided to disclose her life story to me as I will explain.

Glenn Dennis opened the interview transcript and carefully looked it over. He looked up and said, “I can tell you put a lot of work into this. Thank you.” He invited me into an office for coffee and we talked. I wasn’t the same when I left that conversation. I think anyone who met Glenn Dennis would agree with me – he was a rural Southwest gentleman, what computer programmers call WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get, but he was also a gentleman. I think just how honorable a man he was is best shown by what he did, and did not do, before he passed on. That sense of honor was what created a dilemma when it came to his account of his friend the Nurse.

The circumstances that led to my meeting with Glenn Dennis in 2000 started 7 years before. In 1993 while giving a UFO lecture at the local library in Ocean Shores, WA I met a lady named June Crain. She told me afterwards that she knew I was right – The Government knows all about UFOs, and they are keeping it secret. When I asked how she knew, she said very directly, “Because I worked there.” When I asked her if she would tell me more, she said she couldn’t, “Because, they will come and arrest me.”

As someone who had worked in top secret laboratories at Wright Patterson AFB from 1942 to 1952, June was bound by her security oath and her patriotism not to disclose what she knew about the difference between what the Air Force tells the public about UFOs and how the taboo subject is discussed by scientists and engineers working on classified projects. If they had ever met, June and Glenn would have struck up an easy conversation; if being blunt meant being honest and to the point, then blunt it would be. Both of them were straight-shooters.

Two events in 1997 triggered a full disclosure by June Crain. The first was the Phoenix Lights UFO sighting on March 13, 1997 where a massive UFO was seen by countless witnesses over Arizona to include the Governor. The second event was the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the UFO Crash in Roswell to be celebrated on the July 4th weekend.

The popularity of Roswell, Aliens and UFOs was never more evidence than in 1997 when the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Crash was so well attended that off duty law officers from all over New Mexico were hired for traffic control. UFOs were all over the popular media that year; a survey showed that 80 percent of the public believed the government was covering-up the truth about UFOs. I think if you took that survey now, the percentage might be even higher.

The Secret Keepers had a problem; if they were going to follow through on the national UFO propaganda agenda set forth by the CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel of 1952, and downplay all valid UFO reports, and generally keep the subject marginalized and subject to knee-jerk ridicule by the Media, then they needed to manufacture a counter strategy. The counterstrike was launched in June 1997 with the publication of what was alleged to be the “Truth” about Roswell in the form of a large report titled “The Roswell Report – Case Closed” from Headquarters USAF by Captain James McAndrew.

The publication of this third or fourth “final” explanation for Roswell by the USAF received the maximum possible exposure by CNN and all of the news outlets. This was in keeping with the general role of the Media on the subject of UFOs – they are seldom objective, choosing instead to be either attack dogs or lap dogs of the Secret Keepers. In the case of June Crain a retired lady living in Ocean Shores, she watched the CNN news stories about Mogul balloons and test dummies dropped by parachute in the desert mistaken for aliens from crash flying saucers, and she got angry. In her case the stratagem of publishing “The Roswell Report – Case Closed” couldn’t have backfired more.

After four years of not hearing from her, June Crain called my home and immediately said, “It’s a damned lie.” And that phone call led to a friendship and a remarkable series of disclosures. But if Glenn Dennis, Walter Haut and others had not created the International UFO Museum in Roswell, then I don’t believe I would have heard from June, and I would not have gone on my own journey resulting from keeping my promise to June Crain when she was dying that I would continue to tell her story.

But in 2000 when I met Glenn Dennis, I didn’t know what I would do with June’s remarkable story. We got coffee and I told Glenn how I met June and why I thought her story helped to corroborate what I knew about Roswell. In return he went over his story. I know he told his story to many over the years, but the most important revelation was when he told me had made a mistake in dealing with the early UFO researchers. Of course, he was speaking about the mysterious Nurse in his account of the Roswell events.

Glenn said his biggest regret was giving a false name to them. He added he felt like “they wouldn’t leave me alone.” There have been many articles exploring the possible identity of the Nurse, or articles claiming that Glenn Dennis’ entire story could not be trusted because he didn’t give up the identity of the Nurse. For those who need to know more there is no better reference than the book by Don Schmitt and Thomas Carey titled Witness to Roswell. If you can read this book and not be convinced that the Roswell Event involved the crash retrieval of a true UFO with occupants, then either you lack all investigative insight, or you are carrying credentials from one of the alphabet soup agencies who love to tarnish the character of the messenger to prevent the public from ever figuring out just how important the message might really be.

(For those who want more detailed information about the Nurse, this website has extensive information about the Nurse in a more condensed version:

Perhaps you might wonder why I didn’t ask Glenn Dennis to tell me why he decided to keep the name of the Nurse secret given that confirming her name would almost certainly have been the smoking gun in the Roswell story. I could tell the issue of the Nurse’s identity was a sensitive subject. I knew it would be disrespectful. I knew when I shook Glenn’s hand and left that office that the Nurse was a very real person and his account of what she shared with her friend Glenn Dennis was true. I also knew what kind of a man I had the pleasure of meeting that day – he had made a promise to a friend not to divulge her identity.

After over 20 years of criminal investigations for a city police department and another decade of administrative investigations for a state agency, I know just how important an investigative lead might be. No one would like more than me to help end the Big Lie and to prove that Contact with ET’s has occurred. But there is one thing I won’t do; I wouldn’t betray a friend and I wouldn’t compromise my integrity.

In a weak moment Glenn Dennis made a choice that he regretted. He invented a false name for the Nurse. If we accept the basic facts of the story, this was a woman who was scared to death by what she had witnessed; she had seen the body of an apparently intelligent being probably from another world. All of her previous assumptions about religion and human culture were in a state of upheaval. Also, she had disclosed what she had seen to a civilian. If I had the kind of information that would prove once and for all how much our government has lied about UFOs, I think I would be scared too.

And if someone came to me like the Nurse came to Glenn Dennis, a friend needing to confide an awful scary secret, I would keep my promise no matter what. And if hard pressed I think I might have made the same decision as Glenn Dennis. I can imagine the internal debate: you know the UFO researchers are trying to bring the truth about Roswell to the public and they need the Nurse’s name to underpin your story, but if you disclose it you break a promise to a friend. And she might be harmed by the Secret Keepers or killed. That is a heavy burden.

UFO witnesses have real lives. I think sometimes we forget that element when we are trying to just follow the next investigative lead as opposed to trying to really understand what this witness has endured by having a close encounter with the unknown.

Finally, I am just paying tribute to a good, honest man who has passed on. I respect you, Glenn Dennis for what you shared about your part of the Roswell story, and for helping to create a museum that is an ongoing source of public education against the darkness imposed by the Secret Keepers. I remain honored that you shared your story with me. Godspeed.

-James E. Clarkson
UFO Researcher
May 4, 2015

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I’m a cop. 30 years. Mostly Illinois, now NM. Honor is getting tough to come by. Good article, good tribute to a good man.

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