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Meeting Roswell Witness Frankie Rowe

How far the Government went to hide the Truth…

Frankie Rowe and Joanne Clarkson July 3, 2017 in Roswell, NM

Joanne and I have been to Roswell NM multiple times since 2000. We’ve been there for lectures, film projects, and as part of the annual commemoration of the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. There was a time when we considered moving there, but we decided to stay in the northwest to be near to our children. It does not change the fact that Roswell is a remarkable place because of its history.

What really stands out from our last Roswell trip in 2017 was meeting Frankie Rowe. She was an honored friend at the International UFO Museum and Research Center on Main Street in Roswell.

I took a photograph on the last morning before we left Roswell and Joanne had an opportunity to read Frankie Rowe’s palm. I should explain – Joanne is powerfully intuitive, but her readings are always directed towards seeing the good in the person whose palm is being read. It is an art she has practiced over a lifetime.

When I took the picture of the two of them across from me at the table, I did not know that it may be one of the last pictures taken of Frankie Rowe. Our time together was too brief, but she touched us both with her kind heart.

The night before, we were in the annual parade that is part of the celebration. I sat next to Frankie Rowe on a float, and we swapped life stories. She was a lovely person, a family woman, and a devout Christian. But she lived in fear of her own government for most of her life.

Frankie was 82 years old in 2017, and I could see the tears in her eyes as she recounted what had happened to her when she was 12, just because she happened to visit her father at the fire station where he worked, and a State Trooper who had stopped by was showing everyone something he pulled out of his pocket, something not of this world.

Her story is a famous part of the large and complex narrative the comprises the events that ensued after an unidentified flying object from somewhere other than just another country crashed on Mac Brazel’s ranch. The world was a different place after the end of World War 2.

The country was worried that the next war would be with the Soviet Union and the military in Roswell was on guard against the threat of espionage. This was certainly true in the city closest to Walker Air Base home of the 509th Bombardment Battalion, the world’s first nuclear bomber base.

But something happened at the end of the July 4th weekend of 1947 that no one on earth was prepared for-the arrival of humanoid beings from another world. But Frankie Rowe’s story is the result of the extreme, illegal measures taken by our military to suppress the story of the Roswell UFO Crash.

Frank Rowe grew up in Roswell and when she was 12 years old, one day she went to the dentist and on her way home she stopped at the main fire station so that she could get a ride home with her father. Frank Dwyer, a crew chief. She did not know that a series of events was about to commence that would forever change her life. When she arrived her father was there with some other firefighters and a New Mexico State trooper who had something he wanted to show everybody. He asked Frankie if she wanted to hold the mysterious thing he had been given, a piece of metal with extraordinary properties.

The metal could not be cut, pierced, or wrinkled when it was tightly wadded up and released. After being tightly folded and let go, the metal returned to its original shape flowing back like water. The other odd property of the metal was that it weighed nothing.

Frankie went home with her father, and nothing happened until a day later when there was a knock at the door. Frankie was home with her mother. She opened the door to a military police officer and two other MPs. They pushed their way into the house demanding to speak to Frank Rowe.

The military police officer was a large man armed with a pistol and a baton. He interrogated Frankie about the events at the fire station and he wanted to know everything about the mysterious piece of metal. She told him what she knew and when he seemed satisfied, he told her that she was never to talk to anyone about what she had seen and that if she ever disclosed anything about the mystery metal, he would return to murder her and her whole family. He added that the desert was a big place, and no one would ever find them. He kept slapping his palm with his baton as stared at Frankie and threatened her life.

The girl and her mother were terrified. After the military police left nothing else was said until Frankie overheard her parents talking about the secret sometime later. Every time Frankie recalled being threatened by the military officer, she was so scared that she was shaking. Just before one of her sisters was going to be married, she overheard her parents arguing about whether they should tell their future son-in-law about what had happened.

Everyone in her family took the threat seriously and they feared being murdered by government agents. What was done to Frankie Rowe, her family and other witnesses to the Roswell Crash was reprehensible and criminal.

Frankie graduated from high school in Roswell and went on with her life. She worked 30 years for AT&T. In 1997 after a major storm near her home, Frankie, reported that her telephone quit working. The repairman worked on the line outside her home. He finished and showed her a wiretapping device he discovered on her phone line. He asked if she knew why her phone was being tapped. Her fear was reawakened.

In 2012 a young man arrived at her front door with a bouquet of flowers he identified himself as the son of the military officer who had terrorized her in 1947. He said his father was a brutal man who was doing what he was told to do – to silence the witnesses to the UFO crash, or anyone who knew any part of what happened. The young man wanted to apologize on behalf of his family.

Frankie’s greatest joy was going to the UFO museum on a regular basis. Frankie’s most treasured memories were living in the country, raising her children, farming, and tending to her horses. She was a loving mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She passed away on July 28, 2017, a little over three weeks after I took this photo of Joanne and Frankie.

Her story will not be forgotten. One way we will remember is to do everything we can to fight the ongoing government lie that the only thing that crashed in Roswell was “just a weather balloon.”

Why terrorize a 12-year-old girl about a crashed weather balloon?

James Clarkson
June 25, 2022

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What a lovely genuine lady Frankie is. She is very plausible and I firmly believe what she saw. I have had two sighting which I guarantee you were craft not of this Earth. One in 1968/9 and one in the 1970s with my late father as a witness. Each sighting was undeniably that of craft that moved and acted in a way that was impossible of anything we had at the time. Three craft so high up, like stars, whereby two stars appeared and converged on what would have been a mother ship, docked simultaneously an within one second, ascended straight up and disappeared into outer space. Not super fast but it was never seen again. It just faded away. Speed unknown, height unknown and size also unknown. Incredible, so I know for sure that we are not alone.

Thank you for your kind comments. It was both and honor and a pleasure to meet Frankie and to hear her story directly. Sadly, after meeting her on the July 4th weekend of 2017 in Roswell, Frankie Rowe passed away peacefully about 3 weeks later.
Regarding your sighting, what you described does not fit with any known man-made or natural objects. One of the classic “explanations” used by the Air Force for such reports was to tell people they had observed a satellite. But satellit3es do not converge on each other and then become part of some other object. There are so very many witnesses, but society as a whole is still not willing to admit the reality of the Visitors.
Please feel free to contact me with any UFO related questions you have.
James Clarkson

It’s unfortunate that Miss Rowe and other family members were frightened as they were by government agents. But…the government and its officials had to do something to prevent people from disclosing any secretive information about possible interaction with extraterrestrials. If revealed, there would be widespread panic. I, for one, would rather not be informed about alien visitors. Sometimes ignorance indeed is bliss.

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