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2017 – The Year of Amazing Connections

This is the Year of Key Anniversaries – It is the 70th Anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting over a formation of crescent-shaped UFOs over Mount Rainier on June 24, and the 70th Anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash and Cover-Up on the July 4th weekend. These events mark the beginning of the modern era of UFOs, certainly in North America.

The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference celebrated its 30th year amazing presentations; I know, I had the honor of being the first presenter. 30 years ago I joined MUFON; I know for some people right now that might not be something to be proud of, but I am proud of the people who are working on the Washington State MUFON Investigations Team. There are also many dedicated researchers across the world in MUFON.

While I was in Eureka Springs, AR, I was interviewed by the director of the UFO HUB, Adnan Ademovic. He helped me express how I truly perceive UFO Reality after 30 years of study. This interview has been successful beyond all my expectations. I have been receiving positive comments from people all over the world. This tells me that there is a growing understanding that the UFO Phenomena represents the birth of a human cosmic perspective.

Here is the link on YouTube:

I hope you enjoy it and that you will share these ideas and your ideas about UFO Reality with others. Blessings on your journey to the Truth.

James E Clarkson
UFO Researcher

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