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Three of our favorite questions from the recent Lakewood UFO program

We want to share these three fabulous questions and answers from the recent UFO program at the Lakwood library!

Question: From what you’ve said, aliens are definitely out there; they’ve came to Earth; But do you think that they’re walking amongst us?

Answer: Possible, but the stories about this are hard to document. There is also the possibility of hybrids. If you study the Alien Abduction subject, you will find out about the idea that the reason for the abductions is a long-term hybrid program. The reason this ultimately becomes hard to discuss is that you have to define just what you mean by “alien.” I am assuming that it is okay if I discuss this with you freely. I try not to offend anyone’s religious convictions. There is the concept of panspermia, that life is carried from world to world by meteors, comets, etc. in a viral form, and when it finds a hospitable environment, it thrives and evolves into the variety of life forms. It is accepted fact in geology that fragments from a past cataclysm on Mars have struck the Earth. In other words, Life may not have started here; it may be impossible le to ever determine where Life emerged in the Universe.

Here is one article of many:

We may be Martians! If you have watched “Ancient Aliens” then you have heard of the idea that the myths and legends from ancient cultures may be their attempts to record their contacts with technologically advanced beings from other worlds who came to Earth long ago.

Question: What do you think is actually at Area 51? Present and Past.

Answer: Area 51 – This is clearly a high security top secret facility where the US spy planes were developed and tested. Somewhere around 2/3 of Nevada is owned by the US Government and is used for testing anything and everything they have that is classified. The Bob Lazar story is probably the most interesting Area 51 story. It is easy to dismiss him as a fraud except that once again a lie was told when an investigative reporter, George Knapp, tried to verify whether or not he had been employed. The public statement was that he never worked there, but they were able to get an internal company directory for one of the main contractors at Area 51 and Bob Lazar was listed in the directory. Like most of these investigations, it is never simple.

Question: Lastly, what would you suggest that a person could do to get started in Ufology? Programs, reads, events?

Answer: I think you should keep doing what you are doing – reading, listening, and asking questions. I try to be a balanced skeptic. Know when you are speculating (forming theories based upon unsupported ideas) and when you are in the area of apparent facts (eyewitness testimony, documents, photographs, and ideally, something that has been tested or witnessed by several unrelated credible people). One of my favorite prosecutors would always tell the jury in his final instructions, “Don’t leave your common sense at the door.” One of the best things you can learn is to evaluate what you read, see and hear. Try to understand why something is believable or not believable. Take what parts make sense and see where that information may lead you.

I started my interest in UFOs when I was about 12 years old because of a radio interview where a man named John G. Fuller was talking about his book (new in 1967) called Incident at Exeter about a series of UFO events in Exeter New Hampshire. (He also wrote The Interrupted Journey about Betty and Barney Hill; this is an excellent book.)

A really good general work on UFOs might help your study. The Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs does an excellent job of covering the major events in UFO history and what it may all mean. Studying UFOs had kept me curious about astronomy, technology, quantum physics, ancient history, and many more subjects. It is a fascinating Universe and there is always more to understand. And I keep hoping that some major event will occur where the question of Are We Alone has been resolved once and for all.

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