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Excellent Turnout for UFOs of the Northwest program in Lakewood

James Clarkson had an excellent turnout at tonight’s UFOs of the Northwest event at the Lakewood library. Over 40+ people were in attendance as James discussed important UFO cases in and around the Pacific Northwest.

James presented a wonderful digital portfolio full of detailed maps, photos. diagrams, and eye-witness drawings to aid in the telling of these historical cases. James covered many great cases in the area, covering parts of Alaska all the way to Castle Rock, Washington, in addition to many other cases that tie in with the region from other areas of the United States.

As told from the prospective of a heavy investigative background, James highlighted the importance of distinguishing creditable witnesses of reliable sources, and not “tinfoil hat” fanatics. James also discussed many of the frustrations modern Ufologists face, including the International Space station, meteors, and Chinese lanterns. James emphasized the importance of facts and credibility in the reporting and documenting of UFO events.

Also including his own experience, James described in detail sighting of a flying craft that cannot be readily explained. James, having seen lights along the leading edges of a flying object in the night sky near Prosser, Washington, described an object with a strange transparent nature and an arrowhead shape, that darted across the night sky at a high rate of speed. Through thorough investigation, James was able to link this experience with similar reports of the same in the direct area.

Is the cover up real?

This is the question that James leaves his listeners with. After presenting the details and facts for many compelling cases, James discussed other important resources and books on the topics, including one of the top books on the Roswell Crash: The Roswell Legacy by Jesse Marcel. As with all of these great examples, demonstrated time and again, James concluded that ultimately the best evidence is drowned by denial.

The bottom line:
Don’t believe anything until it is officially denied.



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