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Spy Balloon Story includes the OLD BIG LIE

There have been numerous news stories on the subject of UAPs (or UFOs, and it seemed for a while with all of the talk about the Pentagon confirming the reality of the TIC-TAC UAPs seen by Navy fighter pilots in 2004 and confirmed by several electronic monitoring systems, perhaps the research into the UAP/UFO Phenomena would come out of the dark ages. Sadly, we have AP Reporters Lolita Baldor and Tara Copp writing an article titled “What we know and don’t know about suspected spy balloon” dated 02/05, 2023. Perhaps this historical reference to Project Mogul is just an example of high school puerile journalism – copying the first Google hit on the subject and digging no deeper.
Quote” In the aftermath of the war, America’s own balloon effort ignited the alien stories and lore linked to Roswell, NM.” It goes on to describe the Project Mogul and declares it to be the explanation for what happened at Roswell.
What this description doesn’t include is monumental – The project called Mogul was classified; the balloon materials were common. Weather balloons were launched routinely and recovered. The intelligence officers who were sent to Mac Brazel’s ranch to examine and recover debris from the Crash, were from Roswell Army Air Field were part of an elite unit – the world’s first nuclear -armed bomber squadron – the 509th Bombardment Battalion. Stating that these officers couldn’t recognize a downed balloon is at best facetious.
I could go on and on; but Roswell to UFO Researchers represents an ongoing investigation of over 30 years involving over 600 witnesses who know a part of the story, many documents, and unexplained actions by our government – military detention of a civilian rancher for 3 days, issuing death threats to a 12 year old girl and her family just for talking about a piece of metal she once held, and somehow losing all the valuable historical records for the operations of a nuclear air base when questioned by a New Mexico congressman, and then there are statements by senior officers who were involved in the cover-up when they reached the end of their days. President Eisenhower was right – we do have reason to fear the Military-Industrial Complex with the addition that the statement most certainly includes wire service Media. All these reports have done is to once again perpetuate the Big Balloon Lie.
-James E. Clarkson
UFO Detective
Port Townsend, WA USA

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