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Case # 49005 – Investigated by Ed Moran

This is one of the most significant reports we have had in a long time. This is a report of a landing in urban area near 1-5, and was investigated by another MUFON investigator. What is significant about this case is whiteness saw a defending red orb, and when they got close to it they could see that it was an actual physical object. It was reported to move silently.


On 7/15/13 at 10pm PDT, in Bellingham, WA at the intersection of I-5 and Sunset Dr., two witnesses, in a car traveling westbound, observed a glowing red rectangular object toward the south, traveling northward. They turned into a nearby parking lot to observe the object more closely, with one witness retrieving a pair of binoculars from the car’s trunk. The object slowed and turned eastbound, fading from glowing red to medium gray while dropping on altitude to roughly 100 feet. The witnesses lost sight of the object as it traveled behind the trees lining the local street.

49005_report_file3__49005sightingpaths.1The object was large, palm-width at arm’s length, traveling very low (less than 200′), and closely observed with a pair of binoculars. The object was silent with no signs of visual distortion. The object had numerous surface undulations and tumbled slowly about its center axis (roll).

The following day, on 7/16, witness 2 visited a nearby field in the object’s path of travel thinking the craft may have landed there and took several photographs of the area. The possible landing site showed no evidence of any disturbance.





The object was a roughly rectangular cube, “like a large SUV but not as long (witness 1)”, a palm-width wide at arm’s length. When first observed, it was a uniform glowing red in color with no discernible surface features. The witnesses entered a nearby parking lot and, upon exiting the car, saw the object change from a glowing red to a dull gray-black, the glow dissipating from the top downward. Witness 2, with binoculars, described an irregular surface, “like the underside of a car”, with various random 2”-6” surface relief features.

The rate of travel was relatively slow, less than 20mph, with a sense of precision and control. The object executed a smooth turn while dropping in altitude, navigating close to a series of 6-wire high tension lines along James St.

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