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F15 Fighter Chases UFO Over Vancouver

Map of Vancouver, WashingtonStatement of law enforcement officer received by James E Clarkson on 07/13/2014. He contacted me and related this account on the basis that his identity would be protected. I spent substantial time interviewing him and I am convinced that this is a true High Strangeness Event: highly credible witness reporting an extraordinary aerial vehicle that demonstrated performance characteristics that are either extremely advanced and most probably classified military technology or it originated with Non-Human Intelligence of unknown origin.


On July 2, 2014, at approximately 1300 hours, I was on-duty and near the intersection of (Location Deleted by JC), Vancouver, Washington.  The weather was warm, with excellent visibility, and a partly cloudy sky.  I was in my vehicle, facing east, toward (Deleted).  My window was rolled down, providing me with an unobstructed view of the southern and eastern sky.

I noticed movement in the sky, approximately forty-five degrees above the horizon, to the southeast.  I observed a metallic disc, silver-in-color and circular in shape, moving rapidly across the sky from the south to the northeast.  This movement was from my right to my left.

The object was shiny and glinted in the sun as it moved.  It appeared to be several thousand feet in elevation, and from my perspective, appeared to be the size of a dime held at arms-length.  I heard no sound at all from the object, and there was no contrail.  Further, it looked uniformly metallic and circular, with no visible wings, tail, windows, lights, landing gear, or other components of conventional airframes, both rotor and fixed-wing.  It also did not look similar to any Unmanned Aerial Vehicles I have observed.

I observed the object travel up and to my left, which was north/northeast.  I saw it increase in elevation rapidly in a straight line, and it appeared to be traveling faster than any conventional aircraft.  After approximately five seconds, I observed the leading edge of the object shimmer and disappear.  I observed this continue, as an image of the surrounding blue sky enveloped the object, moving in a vertical line across the surface to the rear edge, until the object blended in with the sky behind it.

As this change occurred, I observed a slight blurriness in the changed areas, inconsistent with the sky behind it.  This distortion was similar to looking at an object immersed in water.  However, once the entire object had changed, this effect stopped and I immediately lost sight of the object.  The time from complete visibility to disappearance was approximately two to three seconds.

At the time of disappearance, the surrounding sky was blue and cloudless.  I continued looking but was unable to find the object.  Approximately thirty seconds later, I observed a jet fighter aircraft flying rapidly along the same course the disc had taken.  I recognized this aircraft, based on prior experience, to be an F-15.  I was only able to observe the bottom of the aircraft, and no insignia were visible, but it looked identical to the F-15 fighters based at the Portland Air National Guard base.

I observed the F-15 follow the same flight path, moving from my right to upper left.  It continued, flying beyond where I had last seen the object, but in the same direction and elevation.  From my perspective, the F-15 was the approximate size of a quarter held at arms-length.  Additionally, the F-15 was extremely loud while passing over, whereas the disc was silent.  I observed the F-15 continue to the northeast, out of my line of sight.

Based on my training and experience, this was no known military or civilian aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, astronomical phenomenon, balloon, atmospheric effect, or misidentification of a known object.  This object was a real, physical, tangible craft, and it exhibited flight characteristics at least comparable to a military fighter aircraft.  Further, the object’s ability to adopt complete camouflage, which was capable of effectively mirroring the surrounding environment, is a capability which to my knowledge has not been successfully developed or implemented.  Nothing further.

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Hi James.
Totally awesome interview!! ( ).

Can you please give me some Direction to serious sites and video chanels
that actually have the good stuff about UFO.

Unfortunately! there is so much crap and fakes oute there.
It’s so hard to actually finde the real things.

PS: Sirius Disclosure with Dr. Steven M. Greer.
Is my number 1.

Best Regards: Peter Wassmuth

I had witnessed a UFO around this time. However it was around 4:00am. I was in Vancouver Washington. I was making a delivery to Subway located outside the Vancouver mall. I watched this object move across the sky slowly. It eventually stopped in One spot in the NE sky. It remained there through my entire delivery. It took a few days for me to realize. The object was a UFO.

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