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David Grusch – UFO/UAP Heretic and Herald

An idea may arrive prematurely in human consciousness and the world is just not ready. In 1600, the Inquisition burned Giodano Bruno at the stake for heresy. His mind soared freely and among his many forbidden thoughts was one of his major heresies – that innumerable worlds in the cosmos were inhabited by thinking beings like us. He was the last heretic to be publicly murdered by the Inquisition.

“Again,” they (his accusers) wrote, “he posits many worlds, many suns, necessarily containing similar things in kind and in species as in this world, and even men.” (Scientific American article titled Was Giordano Bruno Burned at the Stake for Believing in ExoPlanets? By Prof. Alberto A. Martinez on March 19, 2018) He went further in his radical cosmology, going beyond Copernicus, Bruno believed that there was no up or down in the cosmos, only “Innumerable worlds.”

In 2023, 423 years later, more heretical ideas are now at large – We Are Not Alone. Not only are we not alone, but we have been repeatedly contacted by Non-Human Intelligence(s) (NHIs) from beyond Earth. As if that wasn’t rebellious and disruptive enough, he reports there is extensive physical evidence of the presence of the NHIs being held covertly under high security by the major nations of the world, and this has been ongoing for over 75 years. The UFO Cover-Up was real from the first time the phrase “flying saucer” went into print.

And then, the crowning heresy – the truth about who we are as human beings in the cosmos belongs to every human being on Earth. There is an inevitable corollary, one that strikes real fear into the Secret Keepers, the Oligarchs, the advocates for what Grusch called “feudal dominance.”

What if everyone started taking a hard look at who and what we are – The human race exists in a thin band of air and water around a rock orbiting a single star on the edge of an enormous galaxy among innumerable other galaxies, where we don’t know how many other civilizations exist, and some of them have arrived here, and are coming and going at will.

That view of humanity must be suppressed at all costs; what would happen to existing political structures if human beings thought of themselves as one planetary species among many other cosmic races?

When the Webb telescope began transmitting awe-inspiring images to Earth in 2016, Giordano Bruno was proven right beyond any doubt. There are innumerable stars and worlds across the universe, and there is no denying that reality. But this year, a man named David Grusch has come forward and openly stated that not only are we, the human inhabitants of Earth, not alone in the cosmos, we are not alone on this planet. We have been visited repeatedly by Non-Human Intelligences, and further, that major military powers of the world possess the physical evidence to prove it, in the form of recovered vehicles, damaged and undamaged, of craft “not made by human hands, not of this Earth.”

David Grusch did not produce direct evidence – photos or sworn statements about UFO/UAPs and alien bodies; those exhibits are still highly classified, but he provided his whistleblower testimony based upon his career in the US Air Force, to include 14 years that he served as an intelligence officer. He served in the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and the UAP Task Force. He held the highest security clearances. He was read-in to compartmentalized Special Access Programs. Three professional investigative reporters, Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal, and Ross Coulthart have investigated Grusch’s background, and they are convinced he is who he claims to be.

Why should we believe the statements of David Grusch?

First, one of the first tests of any witness is to determine if the witness was in the right place, at the right time, to have made the observations that are the subject of their testimony. In this case, this is a matter of examining David Grusch’s professional life which has been vetted by the reporters who broke the story, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, and then by Ross Coulthart who spent hours in face-to-face interviews with Grusch. Here is the background of David Grusch quoted from the DEBRIEF on line publication for June 5, 2023:

“Thewhistleblower, David Charles Grusch, 36, a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan, is a veteran of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). He served as the reconnaissance office’s representative to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force from 2019-2021. From late 2021 to July 2022, he was the NGA’s co-lead for UAP analysis and its representative to the task force.”

Second, Former Air Force Captain David Grusch is so serious about these declarations he has filed a Whistleblower complaint with the Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community; that complaint was made under penalty of perjury. It was evaluated and declared to be URGENT and CREDIBLE. He requested that his proposed public statements be evaluated according to DOD Regulations. Finally, he has testified under oath to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees.  He is risking criminal prosecution if it is proven that he invented his claims, that he has lied under oath.

So where is the evidence that Grusch is benefiting from making these revelations? There isn’t any. In fact, he has irreparably harmed his career to the point that he has been threatened, and attempts were made to intimidate him into silence. But he has stood his ground. He isn’t selling books or tickets at UFO Conferences. He has been methodically careful in his responses to lengthy, detailed questioning by Investigative Reporter Ross Coulthart. When the history of Disclosure is written, we will all owe a debt to David Grusch.

The evidence that would prove what he claims is still classified. Grusch arrived at his revelations about Contact with Non-Human Intelligence (NHI) as the result of his professional experience in the highest levels of our national security intelligence community. He states that what he is revealing is what he heard from the direct witnesses. He is revealing what has been approved for release by the DOD from those witnesses.

Grusch has served in Afghanistan, and he has held highly sensitive positions requiring that he be polygraphed several times and he has had his background thoroughly investigated so that he had access to Top Secret/Compartmented Information clearances. It’s going to be impossible to declare that he is “just a UFO buff,” that “he must have seen swamp gas,” or he must have just heard about a derelict “weather balloon.”

That point must be emphasized. Learning the truth about the existence of recovered technology from Non-Human Intelligences is a process. The world knows about the existence of nuclear weapons. The details describing how to build such weapons are (hopefully) kept from public scrutiny. Similarly, humanity deserves to know that there is proof that we have been contacted. The public will not be given all the technical details related to NHI technology, but We, the tax-paying public, deserve to know the truth. Further, it is obvious that the perpetuation of this ongoing lie has undermined our fundamental faith in our government. But it will take time to sort out, and a commitment to truth-telling that we have yet to see from any agency that has collected UFO/UAP reports.

We survived the knowledge that human civilization lives under the threat of nuclear annihilation. There were protests, denial, and a great deal of cultural angst, but we kept going. The reality of an existential threat to our existence simply became a fact of life for modern humans. The existence of technologically advanced Non-Human Intelligence(s) is not necessarily threatening; UFO historians have documented Their presence for a very long time. Overall, the presence of NHI has been neither overtly benign nor threatening. They are here, operating according to a mysterious agenda, coming, and going unpredictably. What makes this issue a national security concern, is the disturbing frequency of UFO/UAP encounters over nuclear facilities, and other restricted defense locations. Unless They operate on a vastly longer timeline, the scenario depicted in Independence Day is not in evidence. But learning that They are real will not cause the upheaval of civilization; we will learn to accept the new reality like a world that isn’t flat, or the printing press, the atomic bomb, or the Internet.

David Grusch made a career decision that a basic truth should not be kept secret any longer. The basic reality that Humanity is Not Alone in the Cosmos belongs to every human being, not to just a highly restricted group of military intelligence officials. We are hoping that having made such a declaration, under oath during officials proceedings, and now to the public, he will not face the contemporary equivalent of the Inquisition.

I am grateful to David Grusch for his courage, and the reporters who were brave enough to bring this story to the public. I am grateful to many people I have encountered whose research has illuminated the path toward understanding the UFO Mystery. I have waited half a lifetime to hear this discussion. I can sense my departed friend June, who worked in the secret labs at Wright Patterson AFB in the 1940s; she is speaking with a wry smile, saying, “I told you that what they tell the American People about UFOs is just a damned lie.”

Long ago Giordano Bruno arrived at his revolutionary conclusions about the cosmos by studying religion and philosophy. Now we are taking the next step towards understanding humanity’s place in the cosmos, the next hesitant step into the mysterious dark. As defined in the dictionary, David Grusch is a herald. Something monumental is being announced, no less and no more than that. We are learning in part; hopefully, soon we will learn in full.

Now that we are paying attention, we are ready for what comes next. To borrow from the famous science fiction title invented by Arthur C. Clarke, perhaps We are at Childhood’s End.

James Clarkson
UFO Detective
Port Townsend, WA USA

2 replies on “David Grusch – UFO/UAP Heretic and Herald”

It amazes me that when government officials come out on these matters they are immediately attacked and proof is demanded by the UFO community. Why aren’t the plethora of UFO investigators doing their job. Investigate. He certainly left tidbits for FOYA requests. I can’t help but wonder if the UFO community critics are Disinformation agents either knowingly or unknowingly

To respond to your question: First, many people, among them the most vocal, are truly fascinated by the UFO Mystery, but they have not done the work – studying UFO history, reading the major books, or volunteering to follow-up on all types of alleged UFO reports. Second, in the field how many have ever been trained to do professional investigations? In other words, trying to remain objective and reasonable whether that result makes you happy or garners you likes, etc.

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