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CIA Admitted Area 51 Exists

This a great time of government revelation: the CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists. Could it be that with the NSA taking heavy fire in the public relations area right now, the Men in Black agencies want us all to think of them as kinder, gentler, and more truth-telling?
Oh please. Admitting the existence of something that everyone in the world knew about a long time ago, more especially all of our Cold War enemies. What are they smoking at CIA Headquarters? This is supposed to impress anyone, why?
It was just over a year ago that Annie Jacobsen got the suspiciously royal treatment by the media when she exposed the alleged inner workings of Area 51. She related in her book AREA 51 what are probably true stories by the people who worked there and in return for being privy to these fascinating and previously unavailable accounts of work at the officially non-existent top secret facility, she had to agree to include one of the most ridiculous Roswell explanations I have ever heard next to the Weather Balloon with Falling Dummies gag that the Air Force thinks we are dumb enough to swallow.
I do find the history of how the spy planes were built at Area 51 to be a fascinating story of overcoming adverse conditions and pure beautiful American technical knowhow. But I am not confusing this with our government’s backward policy on UFOs. The latest revelation is just the feint leading to another act of misdirection.
In 2012 the way that Annie Jacobsen’s book was promoted by the corporate news media as the unquestionably true revelations about Area 51 made me want to gag. The story of the Joe Stalin saucer filled with mutilated children was so lame it wouldn’t have even passed as a bad sci-fi movie script. I am even more nauseated now by the array of articles about this so-called major admission by the CIA.
Hello, does anyone remember what a spy plane is or does? If it works at all, it flies very high and very fast so that NO ONE can see it. Did I miss anything in the description? So how could a spy plane which if it was seen at all, have accounted for “half of the UFO reports of the 1950s and the 1960s?”  If you have studied any of the major cases, and there are many well documented ones, it would be obvious that what would be an odd streak of light in the distance at high altitude, maybe a spy plane, couldn’t possibly account for ANY of the High Strangeness Close Encounter Cases we know so well. Think of Lonnie Zamorra in Socorro, NM, or Betty and Barney Hill to name two from a long list.
The moral of the CIA / Area 51 story is that when the Alphabet Soup agencies yell “Fetch,” their trained dogs in the corporate media can’t get on their hind legs and beg for another treat fast enough. The CIA story about Area 51 really should be greeted with “Nothing to see here.” They are still lying to the American people because disinformation is what they do best.
James E Clarkson

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