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2014 Official Roswell, New Mexico UFO Alien Festival

James Clarkson will be speaking at this year’s 2014 Official Roswell, New Mexico UFO Alien Festival!

The dates have been confirmed during July 3-6, 2014.

The conference is planning tons of great activities for the family.  Whether you are a serious UFOlogist, or just would like to check out the most unique festival in the world, they have something for you!  Please be sure to check out the official event website:

James’ lecture topics for the 2014 Roswell UFO Festival will include:

1)      The Westport UFO Crash Retrieval Event – James Clarkson, the Washington State Director of MUFON with over 35 years of professional investigative experience explores a little known UFO Crash Retrieval Event from SW Washington State – What was the fiery object that fell from the night skies of Grays Harbor County on November 25, 1979? Why did the military block the logging roads keeping residents away at gunpoint? Here is the story of what is known and what has remained a perplexing mystery told by a retired police sergeant and a veteran researcher.

2)      Pacific Northwest UFO Heritage – The Pacific Northwest has a key place in the history of UFOs. From the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting of 1947 to the strange craft flying over Washington cities, what is this mystery that just won’t go away? What is a systematic approach to understanding UFOs? How do we know there a much more going on than what we are told? Join James E Clarkson, the Washington State Director of MUFON as he examines key events in the history of UFOs in the Pacific Northwest.

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