James Clarkson Biography

UFO Presentations

UFO HUB on YouTube – “UFO Reality After 30 Years” – Over 178,000 Views as of  May 2019

Paranormal Pub – Portland, OR – September 2017 – “Detective Sergeant Meets the Psychic – A New Spin on Investigating and Reporting UFOs”

McMinnville UFO Festival – McMinnville, OR – May 2010, May 2014, MAY 2016, MAY 2017 and MAY 2019 http://www.ufofest.com/

UFO SUMMIT – Quinault Resort Ocean Shores, WA – March 2016 and February 2017 http://www.ufosummit.com/

City of Roswell UFO Conference – Roswell, NM – July 2010, July 2014, JULY 2016, and July 2017 http://www.roswellufofestival.com/


International UFO Congress – Scottsdale, AZ – FEB. 2015 http://ufocongress.com/

Les Repas Ufologiques Meeting – PARIS, France – October 2010


Ozark UFO Conference – Eureka Springs, AR – April 2010 and 2017 http://www.ozarkufo.com/index.htm

UFO Crash Retrieval Conference – Las Vegas, NV – November 2008 & 2009  http://www.ufoconference.com/content/speaker-topics

The Truth Event – Port Townsend, WA – February 2011 http://www.truthevent.blogspot.com/

1993 to Present

Ongoing public lectures for numerous libraries, colleges and fraternal organizations in Washington and Oregon. Numerous radio interviews. James Clarkson is the Washington State Director for MUFON and a member since since 1986. Currently developing new directions for UFO research in the Northwest.


Lectures at numerous branch locations throughout Pierce County.


Olympia Library – Olympia, WA – November 30, 2011

120 people attended an evening lecture on UFOs. More lectures are scheduled.


TV Contest Participant on the “Bigfoot vs. Aliens episode of How the States Got Their Shape from Season 2.

 The June Crain Story

Author: TELL MY STORY – June Crain, the Air Force & UFOs. Life story of a key corroborating witness to UFO technology discovery and the Cover-Up. Insights into the early history of the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB and rocket research in the Southwest. During the last year of her life, June Crain shared the details of her remarkable story with James Clarkson who was both a researcher and a friend. Updated edition published in 2015.

The June Crain Story has been featured in the UFO Files episode titled Hangar 18 – The UFO Warehouse produced by Duane Tudahl as seen on the History Channel.

Westport UFO Crash Retrieval Case

Author: Westport UFO Crash Retrieval Event – A Case Study. Comprehensive descriptions of this previously unknown UFO Crash Retrieval Event. November 25, 1979 – Westport, WA – Multiple witness case involving a fiery object first seen 40 miles from impact by drivers and residents near the southwest Washington coast. Other witnesses observed the last maneuver before it crashed. Military roadblocks sealed the forest roads as described by loggers who couldn’t go to work the next morning. This investigation was fully developed by James Clarkson and presented at the 2008 UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, NV and at McMinnville UFO Festival in McMinnville, OR.

Professional Investigation Experience

Investigator — WASHINGTON State Department of Licensing / Business & Professions Division

  • Investigator 3 — 2004-2014. Conducted investigations at direction of professional licensing programs to locate and evaluate evidence of violations of Title 18 RCW statutes and related WAC’s. Conducts interviews, obtains documents, composes reports and testifies at administrative hearings.

Child Abuse Investigator — Grays Harbor Children’s Advocacy Center

  • Detective — 2002-2004. Conducts Forensic Interviews of Child Sexual Assault Victims, also Witness and Suspect Interviews for Municipalities in Grays Harbor. Responsible for Investigative Reports, subsequent testimony.

 Commissioned Police Officer —Aberdeen Police Department — 1979-1999

    • Patrol Sergeant — Officer in charge of shift of Uniformed Patrol Officers. Responsible for assisting and evaluating the performance of officers involved in municipal law enforcement duties, public relations, and other services. Supervisor of Field Training Officers; wrote policy for this program.
    • Detective Sergeant —1993-1997 — Supervised Detectives in the Investigations Division — Daily review of reported felony crimes; determined case assignments; monitored progress; coordinated resources and ensured quality of investigative work of 4 investigators. Lead Investigator on Major Cases involving Murder, Sexual Assaults against Adults and Children, Robbery, and Theft. Extensive experience with complex report preparation, Affidavits for Search and Arrest Warrants, Interviews and Interrogations, and Superior Court testimony. Liaison with Grays Harbor County Prosecutors, Federal and State investigative agencies.
  • Fatal Accident Team Supervisor — 1991-1999 — Qualified as Technical Accident Investigator by the Washington State Patrol. Responsible for supervising officers with special skills utilized on call-outs for the investigation of serious or fatal traffic accidents. Prepared primary and follow-up reports.


  • Correctional Officer & Reserve Deputy Sheriff — 1978-1979 —Security and welfare duties of a Correctional Officer in Thurston County Jail. Compiled statistics for FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Solo patrol in unincorporated areas of one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.
  • Military Police Investigator — 1974-1977 — Follow-up Investigations to assist uniform MP’s, interviews and interrogations, and case reports; also Internal Affairs, Surveillance, and VIP Security duties. Honorable Discharge and Army Commendation Medal.
  • Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission — During 20 Year Career with Aberdeen Police Department. Numerous courses completed in a variety of Law Enforcement subjects to include Basic Academy, Criminal Investigation, Technical Accident Investigation and First Line Supervisor Certification.