James Clarkson featured in PoetsWest October 20, 2013

James Clarkson featured on PoetsWest

Featured October 20th, 2013 PoetsWest radio show discussing UFOs and the Government Coverup. Click here to watch the video on YouTube!

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June Crain Story Featured in Feb/Mar 2014 Issue of Open Minds Magazine

The June Crain story as investigated by James Clarkson is included as a chapter in the new book Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright-Patterson by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt. We are super excited to see this chapter...

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Three of our favorite questions from the recent Lakewood UFO program

We want to share these three fabulous questions and answers from the recent UFO program at the Lakwood library! Question: From what you’ve said, aliens are definitely out there; they’ve came to Earth; But do you think that they’re walking amongst us? Answer: Possible,...

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James Clarkson - lakewood library UFO presentation - larkewood, washington

Excellent Turnout for UFOs of the Northwest program in Lakewood

James Clarkson had an excellent turnout at tonight’s UFOs of the Northwest event at the Lakewood library. Over 40+ people were in attendance as James discussed important UFO cases in and around the Pacific Northwest. James presented a wonderful digital portfolio full of detailed...

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James Clarkson - Northwest UFO Sightings event - October 29th at the Lakewood Library

Northwest UFO Sightings program

Tuesday, October 29th at 7pm, join ufologist James Clarkson for a discussion of high strangeness cases and why the Northwest has a special place in UFO history! Please check out our official event page for more information and event details. We hope to see...

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CIA has admitted the existence of Area 51 - post by James Clarkson

CIA Admitted Area 51 Exists

This a great time of government revelation: the CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists. Could it be that with the NSA taking heavy fire in the public relations area right now, the Men in Black agencies want us all to think of them...

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